Covid III Guarantee

Guarantee programme for companies affected by coronavirus


Covid III Guarantee

The aim of the programme is to support, through the guarantee of working capital and investment loans, SMEs and entreprises with up to 500 employees whose economic activities are limited due to the coronavirus infection and related preventive measures.

Guarantee rate up to 90%

What guarantee do we offer?

  • Guarantee rate

    up to 90%

    Guarantee rate is up to 80% of the loan principal for enterprises with 250-500 employees or up to 90% of the loan principal for SMEs up to 249 employees.

  • Guarantee cap

  • Guaranteed loan amount

    up to CZK 90 million

    Guaranteed working capital loan amount is up to CZK 50 million. Guaranteed investment loan amount is up to CZK 90 million, but for loans above CZK 50 million is provided a guarantee rate up to 50% of the loan principal.

  • Type of guaranteed loan

    working capital and investment loan
  • Guarantee fee for client

    CZK 0

    Guarantee fee based on Temporary Framework for State Aid to be paid by the lending bank; no guarantee fee for the client.

  • Where can I gain this support?

    in commercial bank

    Support from the COVID III programme, including a guarantee from our bank, is provided directly by 20 commercial banks and credit unions. 

What guarantee do we offer?

Project location & Supported sectors:

  • Territory of the Czech Republic
  • Sectors available in CZ-NACE list (Annex of the programme)

What can be financed by this guaranteed loan?

  • staff wages and rent and utility payments
  • payment of supplier and customer invoices
  • purchase of materials, supplies and other small (non-)tangible assets
  • acquisition of machinery, equipment, technology and other tangible fixed assets
  • Acquisition of licences, software and other intangible fixed assets
  • Construction, extension or reconstruction of production sites, warehouses, administrative buildings, premises or other types of business property

Other information

National funding with the state guarantee. State Aid Temporary Framework.

Other information

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