Interest-free loan for the energy-saving investment projects in Prague

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ENERG’s preferential loans help small, medium and large businesses finance energy-saving projects. The product is complementary to the Energy Savings Programme and is focused only on projects implemented in the capital city of Prague.

Loan amount Up to 70%

What type of loan we offer?

  • Loan amount

    CZK 0.5 - 60 million
  • Loan amount

    Up to 70%

    Up to 70% of eligible expenses

  • Maturity

    up to 10 years
  • Grace period

    up to 2 years
  • Financial contribution

    up to 7% and CZK 0.1 million

    Financial contribution when achieving savings in final energy consumption up to 7% of the loan amount. NRB also provides financial contribution to cover the cost of the energy assessment report is up to 80% of the assessment report cost, maximum CZK 0.1 million.

  • Interest rate and fee

    0 % and CZK 0
What type of loan we offer?

Project location & Supported sectors:

  • Capital City of Prague Sectors available in CZ- NACE
  • list (Annex of the programme)

What can be financed by loan?

  • insulation of buildings intended for business and replacement of windows, doors, heat recovery, etc.
  • replacement of air-conditioning with more energy-efficient air-conditioning
  • modernisation of self-consumption energy generation equipment
  • installation of renewable energy generation and heat pumps, if implemented together with other measures
  • lighting of buildings and industrial premises
  • reconstruction of electricity and gas distribution systems related to the reduction of the energy consumption of the building

Other information

State aids: de minimis or GBER

Other information

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