ČMZRB and RIM cooperate on rail connection between the airport and the centre of Prague

Railway infrastructure

The Czech-Moravian Guarantee and Development Bank (ČMZRB) and the Railway Infrastructure Manager (Správa železnic, hereinafter “RIM”) signed a Memorandum of Understanding in order to identify and prepare railway infrastructure projects. Railway connection between the Václav Havel Airport and the city centre was chosen as a pilot project to be realized under this memorandum.

Both organizations signed the above mentioned memorandum to find new ways for investments into railway infrastructure projects such as high-speed rails or transport nodes. “Our main task is to identify suitable projects to be financed otherwise than through grants,” says Jiří Svoboda, CEO of the RIM. “We aim to explore new forms of contracts to enhance long-term accountability of contractors for the quality of their work and to ensure savings on the side of public budgets, including by private capital involvement in building and maintaining public infrastructure.”

The ČMZRB Group will assess what form of financing is the most suitable for the respective project – whether PPP, junior financing or any other form of financing. “We will start with one pilot project, namely the railway connection between the airport and the city centre. The Bank will assess the option of PPP financing of this project. In the future, we will focus on other high-speed rail projects with the aim to find the most suitable form of financing,” adds Jiří Jirásek, CEO of the ČMZRB.

The cooperation between the Bank and the RIM will help the latter with preparation and realization of the different railway infrastructure projects to be financed from other sources than from public budgets. The Bank will also offer consultancy to select advisory companies, which will be of help for the smooth implementation of the projects.

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