ELTI members discussed challenges NPBIs are facing across Europe

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Nearly thirty promotional banks and institutions took the opportunity to discuss current economic challenges in Europe and issues of their interest during the 10th General Assembly of the European Long-term Investors Association (ELTI), this year organized by the Malta Development Bank (MDB) on 28 October.

The panel discussion composed of representatives of the European Commission (DG ECFIN), EIB Group (EIF) as well as promotional banks from Malta, Ireland, Germany and Poland, addressed the importance of the participation of NPBIs on European programmes, especially the InvestEU. Close collaboration of ELTI members is necessary due to persisting global threats and strong interconnection of EU markets. European economies, still dealing with the consequences by post-covid recovery, are currently facing energy crisis due to the war in Ukraine. Thus, any further – global conflicts could affect all of us.

 Among other important points of the meeting was the election of a new ELTI Management Board for the next three-year mandate. NRB Chairman Jiří Jirásek, as the current Management Board member, was confirmed in this position for his second term (2022-2024). Composition of the new Management Board, reflecting also the “voice” of small NPBIs, is available here.

The General Assembly also summarized key ELTI activities performed during the whole year, including “operational” issues directly connected with ELTI functioning (i.e. accountancy and budgetary matters). Jiří Jirásek was appointed to perform the function of ELTI treasurer, the person controlling the proper use of ELTI budget, so far carried out by Polish member of the Board Mr Pawel Nierada.

Finally yet importantly, NRB was asked and accepted to host the next annual event of ELTI in Prague (October 2023).

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