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Preferential loans under the S-Enterprise programme make it easier for social enterprises to finance investment projects aimed at starting or developing business activities and to cover working expenses.

Loan amount up to 90%

What type of loan we offer?

  • Loan amount

    CZK 0.4 – 25 million
  • Loan amount

    up to 90%

    Up to 90% of eligible expenses of the project

  • Maturity

    up to 2 or 12 years

    Maturity for working loans is up to 2 years. Maturity for investment loans is up to 10 years or up to 12 years if real estate assets are acquired. 

  • What can it be used for?

    investments and working expenses
  • Grace period

    up to 1 or 3 year

    Grace period for working loans is up to 1 years. Grace period for investment loans is up to 3 years.

  • Interest rate and price

    0 % and CZK 0
What type of loan we offer?

Project location & Supported sectors:

  • Territory of the Czech Republic
  • Sectors available in CZ- NACE list (Annex of the programme) – including agriculture, forestry, fishery

Basic terms and conditions:

  • Compliance with the definition of a social enterprise
  • Loan is designed for both existing and newly created social enterprises (including existing enterprises starting social activities)

What can be financed by loan?

  • for the acquisition of machinery and equipment (including second-hand)
  • for the acquisition and renovation of buildings
  • the acquisition of intangible fixed assets
  • to finance working expenses other than staff and salary costs, repayments of other loans or leases
  • expenses on the acquisition of small tangible or intangible assets
  • expenses on the acquisition and financing of stocks

Important information

State aids: de minimis or GBER – regional / initial support

Important information

In addition to interest-free financing to cover working or investment expenses, we also offer free advice to social enterprises up to 50% of the loan amount. We advise on management, organisation and production, marketing and PR and financial management. Further information can be found here.

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