IDC Guarantee

Loan guarantee to finance activities in developing markets

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IDC Guarantee

The International Development Cooperation Guarantee (IDC Guarantee) programme supports private investment by domestic companies in risky markets in developing countries through bank guarantees.

Guaranteed amount up to 80%

What guarantee do we offer?

  • Guaranteed amount

    up to 80%

    Guaranteed amount up to 80% of the loan principal

  • Guaranteed amount

    up to CZK 50 million
  • Guaranteed loan amount

  • Guarantee maturity

    up to 8 years
  • Guarantee fee

    0.5% p.a.
  • Type of guaranteed loan

    Investment and working capital loan

    Investment and working capital loan with investment part being the same or higher than working capital part.

What guarantee do we offer?

The IDC Guarantee is primarily used to cover investment expenses when companies expand into developing markets. Its beneficiaries must demonstrate that the projects financed also have added value for the partner country, such as new jobs created, development of local infrastructure, transfer of technology and know-how, introduction of new production processes or environmental improvements.

Project location & Supported sectors:

  • OECD-DAC List of official development assistance (ODA) recipients, except for countries under international sanctions

Basic terms and conditions:

  • Project must have clearly defined development impacts on the host country (new jobs, transfer of technologies or know-how etc.)
  • Eligibility criteria approved by the Selection Committee consisted of representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the NRB, the Export Guarantee and Insurance Corporation (EGAP) and the Czech Development Agency (CZDA)

What can be financed by this guaranteed loan?

  • the acquisition and technical improvement (i.e. extensions, additions, reconstruction, modernisation) of tangible fixed assets
  • acquisition of intangible fixed assets
  • transfer costs
  • costs related to the implementation of the project in the target developing country

Other information

Other information

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