Electromobility Guarantee


Electromobility Guarantee

The Programme helps companies and entrepreneurs to purchase electric or hydrogen powered vehicles and charging stations to modernise their fleet. It aims to increase the market share of alternative fuel vehicles and the construction of charging stations.

The Programme is designed for self-employed persons and entrepreneurs of all sizes. NRB offers a guarantee for commercial loan provided by a cooperating lending bank or leasing company. The programme not only includes environmental considerations, but is also an opportunity to increase the ESG scoring of supported business.

Guaranteed amount up to 70 %

What guarantee do we offer?

  • Guaranteed amount

    up to 70 %
  • Guaranteed loan amount

    the minimum of CZK 300k

    The amount of the guaranteed loan depends on the type of emission-free vehicle and kind of charging station to be purchased, their number, including client's available limit de minimis.

  • Financial contribution per vehicle

    up to CZK 300k

    The amount of financial contribution depends on the category of car and charging station, including the number to be purchased.

  • Guarantee maturity

    up to 5 years
  • Price for the guarantee

    0 CZK
  • Expert consultation for the processing of the application

    free of charge
What guarantee do we offer?

The programme addresses entrepreneurs of all sizes who operate in the following areas:

  • manufacturing and construction,
  • retail and wholesale,
  • financial and insurance activities,
  • cultural, entertainment and recreational activities and other industries.

The programme allows you to

  • Renew or modernise your fleet
  • Increase ESG scoring and other parameters
  • Take advantage of preferential financing with financial contribution and guarantee
  • Mitigate environmental impacts of your business

The programme is designed for

  • The purchase electric or hydrogen vehicles and charging stations.
  • The purchase one or more vehicles, including various combinations with charging stations.
  • If a used vehicle is purchased, it has to be delivered not later than 6 months after its first entry into service (with the maximum of 6,000 kilometres driven).
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