Guarantee 2015-2023

Guarantee for commercial loans for SMEs

Vynucené dodávky energie UB2

Forced Change of Energy Supplier Guarantee

This product is intended for those SMEs whose existing energy suppliers have stopped providing their services (electricity or gas supply) due to suddenly ceasing their activities, and were thus forced to take energy from the supplier of last resort for a transitional period, and subsequently concluded contracts with a new energy supplier, resulting in an increase in their unit energy prices (advances) of more than 100% compared to the unit prices (advances) of the original supplier.

Guaranteed amount up to 80 %

What guarantee do we offer?

  • Guaranteed amount

    up to 80 %

    Guaranteed amount up to 70% of the loan principal

  • Guaranteed loan amount

    up to CZK 2 million
  • Type of guaranteed loan

    working capital

    Especially energy expenditure (electricity and gas supply).

  • Guarantee maturity

    up to 2 years
  • Price for the guarantee

    CZK 0
  • Amount of the fees

    CZK 0
What guarantee do we offer?

Project location & Supported sectors:

  • Territory of the Czech Republic
  • Sectors available in CZ NACE list (Annex of the programme)

What can be financed by this guaranteed loan?

  • to cover the costs of electricity and gas supply
  • to cover other operating costs, such as supplier and customer invoices, purchases of supplies and materials, etc.
  • to cover the cost of other energy supplies

Other information

Portfolio guarantee for SMEs. State aid is de minimis.

Other information

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