Guarantee 2015-2023

Guarantee for commercial loans for SMEs

M-záruka UB


The M-guarantee in the Guarantee 2015 to 2023 programme facilitates access to bank loans for SMEs. Entrepreneurs employing up to 50 employees (small entrepreneurs) can also use this programme to guarantee operating loans.

Guaranteed amount up to 70%

What guarantee do we offer?

  • Guaranteed amount

    up to 70%

    Guaranteed amount up to 70% of the loan principal

  • Guaranteed loan amount

    up to CZK 4 million
  • Type of guaranteed loan

    working capital and investment loan

    Working capital loan can be used only by small enterprises.

  • Guarantee maturity

    up to 6 years
  • Price for the guarantee

    CZK 0
  • Amount of the fees

    CZK 0
What guarantee do we offer?

Project location & Supported sectors:

  • Territory of the Czech Republic
  • Sectors available in CZ NACE list (Annex of the programme)

What can be financed by this guaranteed loan?

  • purchase of stocks (only for small businesses)
  • purchase of machinery and equipment
  • purchase and technical improvement of tangible fixed assets
  • acquisition of fixed and small intangible assets

Other information

Portfolio guarantee for SMEs. State aid is de minimis.

Other information

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