Expansion - loans

Interest-free loan for the development of SMEs business

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Expansion – loans

The programme enables SMEs to obtain interest-free loans to finance investment projects for the development of their business. Projects can be implemented anywhere in the Czech Republic except the capital city of Prague. We offer more favourable conditions to companies that implement one of the special supported activities. Companies affected by natural disasters also benefit more.

Loan amount CZK 1-45 million

What type of loan we offer?

  • Loan amount

    CZK 1-45 million

    Loan amount is CZK 1-45 million or CZK 0.65-60 million for special supported activities

  • Loan amount

    up to 45 %

    Up to 45 % of eligible expenses. A loan from a cooperating financial institution must be used for the remaining minimum 20 % of eligible expenditure. In case of restoration of property after a natural disaster we provide loan amount up to 90 %. 

  • Maturity

    up to 10 years
  • Grace period

    up to 3,5 years

    in case of the special supported activities and in the restoration of property damaged by a natural disaster up to 4 years

  • Interest rate and fees

    0 % and CZK 0
  • Financial contribution

    up to CZK 2 million

    Interest rate subsidy is provided in three levels - see here.

What type of loan we offer?

The standard program conditions are shown below.

Project location & Supported sectors:

  • Territory of the Czech Republic (except the Capital City of Prague)
  • Sectors available in CZ-NACE list (Annex of the programme)

Special supported activities:

  • NGA (Next Generation Access networks)
  • Efficient use of water in industry
  • Calamity timber processing
  • Business centres development
  • Material and energy recovery of waste

What can be financed by loan?

  • for the acquisition of machinery and equipment
  • for the acquisition of technological procedures, programs and licenses and software
  • for the acquisition or reconstruction of buildings used for business activities

Important information

State aids: de minimis or GBER (Investment aid to SMEs)

Important information

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